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Please, step into the abyss we call Insanity. Everyone has it once in a while... why not you? Enjoy the new and reborn family/raiding guild. I hope you enjoy yourself here. >:)

--- Insanity was a guild on the retail Burning Crusade server, Area 52. It was mainly just a family guild where everyone was a family member to each other and we all hang out and ran dungeons. Sooner or later we decided to take a step upwards into the abyss even more, entering the raid content. We started to clear Karazhan which was very exciting to us all. Needless to say, there was some drama. Long story short, we "disbanded". Not many wanted to, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

    I have decided that I feel it is necessary to revive the guild on the Feenix 2.4.3 server. I would LOVE to start getting dungeons done and gearing guildies to start Karazhan once again and move into higher ranked raid instances. This is NOT a hardcore raiding guild. If you are looking for that, please skitter along to relentless or super cereal. You won't be welcomed here if that is what you are looking for. :) This is a laid back raiding guild, and I will try not to make it too stressed for people. Yes we will raid, I intend to very much. I intend to clear Kara and get further. I hope people will join me and others in this progress.

    Loot -- Loot has not been decided on how that will go in raids. I will talk with some people and get that worked out. I am looking towards a "Loot Council". Not a junk one either. Officers will decide who "needs" the gear the most; that's right people, no greediness will be tolerated. We will try and be as fair as possible to get equal amounts of people geared. If there are any problems with the loot council and you would like to bring that issue up, please, by all means, contact me via in-game mail or email, I will give you my email address.

    Classes -- There is not a specific recruitment at the moment. We need EVERYONE and ANYONE. Once there is a significant amount of people, I will start to hold some heroics as guild runs; multiple groups will be going. Once we start raiding, or are about to start, I will decide what we need the most at that point in time, and I will set the recruitment status to whatever class we need.

    Requirements? -- The ONLY thing that I would like you to have (AT THIS POINT IN TIME), is your heroic keys. I would like to start gearing people up in heroics. If you do not have your heroic keys, I would love to help you grind out the reputation you need to honored; please feel free to contact me on that. (Miniscule - Level 70 Mage)

    What Do You Think?  -- Do you think you want to join? Do you think this is good enough for you? I don't know, you decide. I would surely love to have you on board. I want this guild to be as friendly as possible to each and every member, and have as much fun as possible while dungeoning and raiding. If you think this guild is right for you, please go to the forums section of the website and go to the recruitment section. Copy and paste the application form to a topic in that section, fill it out, and I or any officer will get to you ASAP.
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Estimated Time of Launch?

minisculemage, Mar 15, 11 11:54 PM.
At this moment in time, I do not have an estimated time of launching the website URL to the guild. There is still construction under way. When I get an estimate, I will let everyone know. Thank you.

It's Up!

minisculemage, Mar 14, 11 6:59 PM.
Insanity has been created finally. I hope to get it going nice and smooth, and relive the good ol' days!
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